Friday, February 09, 2007

AsiaBSDCon @ Tokyo.

In case you didn't read the latest news. Posted on FreeBSD website and in the mailin list, the next AsiaBSDCon will take place in Tokyo Japan startin from the 8th of March till 11th March 2007. Taken from the site:

"AsiaBSDCon, the BSD conference for Asia, has posted its schedule of tutorials, papers and presentations for the conference, taking place in Tokyo from March 8th through 11th 2007. The complete schedule can be found here.

Registration will begin on or about the 12th of February.

So those who's interested and in the vicinity, make sure you register yourself. Later.

Monday, February 05, 2007

New layout.

Oh yeah. I changed the blog-o-mine to the new Blogger's template made available. Honestly, this one is my personal favorite. Hopes you'll like it too. Later!

Finally! Journaled File System for FreeBSD *soon, me hope*.

Now FreeBSD has version 6.x fer production purpose and 7 fer current. I missed quite a release nowadays. But 1 of the most important news I read today is:

*tada!* GJournal (This is a .pdf file, it'll may take quite some time to load this. Beware.). GJournal is a journal patch? (I'm not sure it's a patch, or extension or a new file system) currently fer UFS file system (more to come, so I read). What it'll do? It'll enabled journaling feature into FreeBSD file system. Yeah we're already goin to version 7 and journaled file system has only been written now. is the blog of the writer of GJournal. You might want to read this fer clearer informations.

So what's journaled file system? From a non techie explanation (like there'll be a techie explanation from me... :), it's like a real time backup of changes in files. Fer a simple example, you open up a text program and write a long blog. In the middle of your writing, the power went off. You didn't save any of your blog so after you restarted the pc, you find that your writings is:

a) completely lost
b) corrupted

Either way, fer a simple blog, it's not that harmful (unless your idea just went up in smoke and you're pullin your hairs in disbelieve..), but look at it in real-time operating system work. Hundreds of activities per second, all using files and many of the files is important system's file. Get the picture? We don't want system files to be corrupted in case of power failure or such do we? Sorry if my explanation isn't correct so better google fer some better and detail explanation about it.

FreeBSD have no journaled file system until now. Fer windows, they have NTFS. Not that FreeBSD is lack in somethin great though. The current file system is stable enough fer even big big corporation's need. Has ever been stable. So what's the fuss? Well, because journaled file system will make it much better. Securing the secured. Bestest of best.

Enough with that. Read this discussion in FreeBSD Mailing List fer the informations, where-to-gets and uhm, discussions about the said GJournal.

Will GJournal make it to FreeBSD 7? I sure hope so. In fact, I read that it'll be in 6-STABLE. Yeah that's what I'm talkin about. Later.

Fer further readings, here's what I think the useful links to consider. - The original GJournal. Now made obsolete by the new GJournal goodies. -Wiki about the old GJournal. Much better informations than mine (fer sure :). It's there fer historical purpose. - Some informations about what's in store fer the next FreeBSD 7 release. Informative. - Discussion in FreeBSD Mailing List about GJournal new patch.
Google - It's THE search engine. So use it!

p/s: When you read other far more accurate explaination than mine, that information will automatically void mine. In english, you can't sue me :P.

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