Monday, November 30, 2009

OpenBSD NC4200: Up and running, online with Wimax & DHCP.

Done installing OpenBSD 4.6 i386. Seems to be ok. I'm using P1 Wimax at home and here's what I did to get my OpenBSD's box online. I tried using static IP, I can ping the P1's DNS server but can't get through non-ip's url (eg: I'm guessing that nameserver is the culprit. So for the time being, I had to use DHCP. I'm doing this by the book so you can head to OpenBSD Networking FAQ to know about it. My Ethernet device is bge0 so I just type:

# echo dhcp > /etc/hostname.bge0

And then after restarting, my OpenBSD box can surf the net. Well with lynx that is. I'll install Firefox later.

So internet is working, now to install packages. Also shamelessly using OpenBSD Packages & Ports FAQ, I just type:

# export PKG_PATH=

As you can see, I'm using Indonesian's OpenBSD ftp server to install my packages. I've install wmii and it's working fine. Kinda missed (and forgot) the environment. All the dependencies packages got installed flawlessly. I love it! corewars is also installed but didn't get the chance to play with it. So, later then.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

OpenBSD with HP NC4200

Yeah it's been long. I've given the NC4000 to my wife and now I have another laptop. It's a NC4200. OpenBSD 4.6 is out and I've installed the release to NC4200. Currently I have this notification after it installed and running:

acpitz3: TZ4_: failed to read _TMP
acpitz3: TZ4_: failed to read temp

I'm currently searching for some clues and so far I know that this is related to temperature sensor. There's a person who have the same issue and he's using HP's laptop too. I have to dig deeper. Other than that, 4.6 is running great! X is installed and working. Now to get the wmii installed.

I never managed to set up the networking last time I installed OpenBSD in NC4000. So now I'll try and set it up to my Wimax connection. Unfortunately I don't have WiFi at home so that will be a distant experiment.

I'm still wishing that I get a Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 for my OpenBSD laptop. Yummm..

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