Monday, April 04, 2011

OpenBSD NC4200: .profile script for easy Celcom 3G dialing / disconnecting.

Ok. I'm still testing to get auto proxy setting script. But in the mean time, you can copy and use this simple script to dial/disconnect your Celcom 3G. Feel free to alter the script if you use other telco. I put this one under my ~/.profile, but you can also create a file, paste the script and chmod the script executable.

# This is to dial celcom3g
function celcom3g {
 # Some internal functions
 function celcom3gConnect {
  sudo ifconfig ppp0 create
  pppd call celcom3g
 function celcom3gDisconnect {
  pkill -9 pppd
  sudo ifconfig ppp0 destroy
 # Dialing function
 if [[ $1 = "connect" ]];
   echo "Connecting to Celcom3G...";
 elif [[ $1 = "disconnect" ]];
   echo "Disconnect from Celcom3G...";
 elif [[ $1 = "restart" ]];
   echo "Restarting Celcom3G connection...";
  echo "Usage: $0 [connect|disconnect|restart]";

So if I want to dial to Celcom 3G, I just type celcom3g connect in the console, celcom3g disconnect will disconnect the connection and celcom3g restart will disconnect and connect. Currently celcom3g restart doesn't work properly as I need to implement some pausing after disconnect before reconnecting. So, for the time being, to restart the connection, I disconnect, wait a few seconds (until the USB modem light stop blinking) then connect. I'll update this post with other enhancement if I found any. Also, make sure your pppd script is named celcom3g in your /etc/ppp/peers/ folder. Find my previous post regarding this. Enjoy. Later.


nurgoogle said...

Hi Karl,
Very nice posts.
I am a malaysian needing a crash course in Openbsd. Will you be interested in conducting training sessions?

Nur Ilahi
(, 012 2541486)

Karl said...

Unfortunately conducting training is best left to people or organizations which is more knowledgable. This blog is from a newbie.

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