Monday, December 12, 2005

FreeBSD's own LOGO! Cool!

I guess you already know the differences between FreeBSD logo and the BSD mascot. Yeah FreeBSD has been usin Beastie on their website fer a very long time while OpenBSD have their own logo (envyish.. was.. I'm not too sure bout NetBSD though.). Even the new DragonflyBSD have their own logo! (actually Fred the DragonFly is their mascot too and I feel weird bout it. BSD but with another mascot? Huh? Ah well they're dragonfly anyway. Bah!). But now our prayers has been answered. We FreeBSD-ers now have our own logo to brag about. And the logo is very nice. Here's the link of the new logo FreeBSD logo design competition : result. I'm already droolin at the T-shirt design. Me want one!

Yeah I know it seems like I've abandoned this FreeBSD blog of mine but actually I'm not. As my D270S is the only source fer my computin need and the NIC is kaput, well, what's else is there to say? Thanks to a bad windows error I had to reinstall my XP and everybody knows that XP is a boot sector hog. *sigh*. I'm eyein fer an AMD64 laptop fer my FreeBSD and a desktop fer my windows. Then there'll be a minor changes fer this blog as I'll no longer focus on FreeBSD on D270S but FreeBSD on any machine I own instead. Wish me luck on that. Later then. Can't wait to grab FreeBSD 6!

6.5 amd64: Modify existing certbot certificates.

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