Saturday, January 07, 2006

EFF: Sony BMG Litigation

I was browsin fer informations about BSD when I stumbled on this interestin topic. EFF: Sony BMG Litigation is a must read fer you music lovers out there. Why most of the big corporate are like this? Thankfully we still have Open Source OS.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Main Page - BSDWiki is a Wiki about FreeBSD which aims to;

"devoted primarily to common issues faced by new and veteran FreeBSD administrators. The goal is to create a common knowledge store which could also be referred to as "FreeBSD for the Impatient", in other words, a place where it is easy to delve straight into simple answers about common needs and problems".

Wiki itself is a "Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.". Ok so basically it means that FreeBSDWiki is a place people (FreeBSD / *BSD users) can contribute their knowledge on anything FreeBSD like installation guides, FAQs (Frequently Asked Question), tips, histories and more. There's currently 17 chapters written and it covers wide variety of informations. Cool. Expect the infos to expand. Oh yeah you can contribute too. All you got to do is register and then follow the guideline stated on how to edit the wikis.

I personally hope the FreeBSDWiki will become one of the major source for FreeBSDer or non FreeBSD user to find infos on FreeBSD / *BSD, other than the official website of course :). Cool stuff. Oh yeah there's some issue about Wiki (because basically people can alter what you wrote and not everybody is nice and truthfull..) but then there's also people who'll make sure the informations contained is as accurate as possible. Later.

6.5 amd64: Modify existing certbot certificates.

Hi, It's been quite some time eh. As you can see, I still upgrade my OpenBSD system regularly but currently I do not have the time to ...