Friday, February 24, 2012

5.1 amd64 K43U: Following -current using snapshot, updated to radeon 6.14.3


First of all, now my K43U machine is using 1366x768 display and no more slow scrolling! Hurrah! I LOVE OPENBSD! At last! The display is more crisp. If you're using AMD e-450 with Radeon HD 6300 graphic, now is your time to rejoice!

My current uname -a is:

OpenBSD 5.1 GENERIC.MP#207 amd64

I've successfully installed OpenBSD -current snapshot.

Why I want to follow -current?
1) Because -current have the updated radeon 6.14.3 driver which can detect and use Radeon HD 6320 properly.
2) Because I want to use -current.
3) Because scrotwm is the newest version.
4) Because of the Radeon HD6320 driver... heh.

If you have more or less the same reason as me, read on. Before I forget, many thanks to for providing incredibly informative tips on updating to snapshot.

Updating my 5.0 to 5.1 (-current):
I used for the site to update my machine.

1) Copy bsd* and *.tgz files to local folder. (eg: /mnt/snapshots/amd64/)
2) Login to machine without X. cd to the folder you downloaded the files above. In shell, type this command:
$ sudo cp bsd.rd /
$ sudo sudo sysmerge -s etc51.tgz -x xetc51.tgz

3) Reboot the machine, after rebooted, bypass autoloading bootfile and choose:
boot> boot bsd.rd

4) bsd.rd will booted and choose (U)pgrade, then choose the folder you saved all the files for updating (eg: /mnt/snapshots/amd64/)
5) let it update. Remember that this is only the base OpenBSD, not all the third-party packages. After it's done, reboot.
6) I still have problem using pkg_add via proxy so I downloaded all the updated packages manually and place it in a specific folder (eg: /mnt/snapshots/packages/)
7) Now to update packages. Still without X and in shell, type:
$ export PKG_PATH=/mnt/snapshots/packages/
$ sudo pkg_add -vui

8) Make sure you read the verbose output to find out any missing dependencies.

Updating xf86-video-ati to 6.14.3 (hurrah!)
1) Download
2) tar -zxvf the file
3) cd to the folder, and type this commands:
$ sh ./configure --prefix=/usr/X11R6 --sysconfdir=/etc --mandir=/usr/X11R6/man --with-xorg-module-dir=/usr/X11R6/lib/modules --disable-kms
$ sudo make
$ sudo make install

4) Now to test, vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf and change:
Section "Device"
Driver "vesa"


Driver "radeon"

5) reboot to test.

So far the machine is running like a charm. Nice display. Nice widescreen resolution. Oh, BTW. This is more updated scrotwm. YEAH!

There's a few remaining issue though:
1) Annoying ultra-sensitive touchpad (I use usb mouse most of the time).
2) xv with MPlayer is not working.
3) gnome-mplayer + Thunderbird + youtube issue (can use HTML5 WebM no problem though).

And I'm figuring out ways to use the Fn key combination as intended by the label (on/off WiFi, enable/disable touchpad, mute/unmute | vol up/down mixer etc). I'll post updates on any new findings. Now my K43U is back as my primary work machine. Yeah!


geRst said...

hi!! i have a probelem though i'm not that expert on those things but my asus with the same processor and hd 6320 graphics is not working well.. my graphics seemed to be uninstalled and when i tried to re.install it, nothing happenned.. pls help...

geRst said...
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Karl said...


By your details, I have a feeling that you're referring to Windows environment? Basically the law of the computer jungle is:

- Update BIOS.
- Uninstall previous graphic driver & clean all the previous trace.
- Install the latest graphic driver with appropriate user level (Administrator / root / su / president etc.)
- Make sure the machine is rebooted in between every action, just to be sure.

If it still not working, reinstall your OS. If still not working, try LiveCD/LiveUSB with appropriate support of your graphic card (maybe linux LiveCD). If it still not working on other OS, you might need to check with the warranty provider. If the laptop came with bundled OS and there's still warranty, it should be supported.

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