Tuesday, November 16, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Alpine + DavMail, ftp_proxy / http_proxy problem again.

Here's the latest update for my Alpine + DavMail project. Installing Alpine via OpenBSD's package doesn't come with LDAP support enabled. I can verify that by using:

$ alpine -supported

So, I read the OpenBSD ports system man pages and Alpine ports man pages and found that I need to specify the ldap flavor when building the Alpine ports. So in /usr/ports/mail/alpine directory, I use this syntax to build Alpine port with ldap built-in.

$ sudo env FLAVOR="ldap" make install
$ sudo env FLAVOR="ldap" make clean

That's when I found out that my ftp_proxy / http_proxy is unusable. Again. Sheesh! I don't know what happened to it and I'm still searching for solution. So, I downloaded the needed dependencies manually and put it inside /usr/ports/distfiles/. After a while the Alpine with ldap support is installed. Oh I need to remove the previous Alpine installation before the new Alpine can be installed. Alpine-ldap is installed and so do DavMail. Now for the good stuff. Making them work (nicely) together. For that, I'll write it in another post.

Coming up next: My DavMail configurations

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