Thursday, November 04, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Ports round 2. Java installation. DavMail with Thunderbird.

I've done another installation of OpenBSD. Now I'm using 4.8. I've install XFCE Desktop Environment. Yeah well read good comments about it. Skipped GNome / KDE because it's too bloated.

I managed to get Thunderbird working with DavMail to access my exchange (company) email. But that's in Windows XP. Because DavMail is based on Java, it's stated that the program can run from Linux & *BSD/*NIX. This will be my main project for now.

As DavMail requires JDK, I need to install Java. As stated in the documentation, no package exist for JDK prior to 1.7. So, I was left (again) with the choice to install Java using ports system which if you remember, failed miserably in 4.7 because of my ftp_proxy/http_proxy. As for this round 2, I have a good news. I can now do ports installation behind proxy! Using console, I just type:

export ftp_proxy=

and I can now do ports installation!. I also do export http_proxy with the same proxy address. To make the proxy setting permanent, I edited ~/.profile and includes:

export ftp_proxy=
export http_proxy=

But I haven't rebooted the machine yet so I can test this one. A "'" (single quote) might be needed to enclosed the proxy address. Now on the Java installation (1.6).

First I downloaded the ports.tar.gz file from OpenBSD's mirror and unpacked it following the available howto.

Then I created a /etc/mk/conf file and included:


As this is my first time installing Java using ports, I use make search name=java inside /usr/ports and run make install inside Java 1.6 folder. Installation exited prematurely as there's a few files In needed to download manually which is:
(Just click the ACCEPT button and the download will begin)

(Java 1.5 seems to be needed too)
jdk-1_5_0_16-mozilla_headers-b02-unix-28_may_2008.jar (might be optional)
(Just click the ACCEPT button and the download will begin)
(Kind of tricky to get this file. Remember to choose Solaris X86)

I put all the files inside /usr/ports/distfiles and then I continue the make install process. Wallah! Ports can now download additional files automatically! Hurray! the proxy settings works! Now I let it install. To be continued...

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