Monday, November 08, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Thunderbird + DavMail works ok. Firefox 3.5 + java plugins works ok.

I managed to get DavMail running. Like I've posted earlier, it's a bit tricky as it involves getting Java running. For OpenBSD 4.8, Java 1.7.0 can be installed using package but older versions (1.6.0, 1.5.0) will require ports installation. I installed version 1.6.0 using ports (hurray!) but I can't run the I found that the correct command to run the script is:


Done that and error displayed telling me that it could not find Java. Sheesh. After playing around, I found a way to make Java work. I've installed jdk 1.7.0 & jre 1.7.0 using packages, jdk 1.5.0 & jdk 1.6.0 using ports. I found that the jdks is installed in /usr/local. So, by using jdk 1.7.0, I create a symlink in /usr/local/bin.

ln -s /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/bin/java /usr/local/bin/java

Then, inside the DavMail folder, I issued the command:

sudo sh

And then... DavMail's icon appears on my XFCE's taskbar! Yeah! Seems to be working! But as I'm not online right now (yeah I wrote this offline..), I can't test it with Thunderbird yet. If all is well, I'll proceed with daemonising the DavMail so it'll autostart as daemon everytime the machine boots up. Now to think about it, all the hours waiting for jdk 1.6.0 & jdk 1.5.0 to be installed is just a waste of time. I'll uninstall those ports and test DavMail later.

I also have to manually add the Java man page in /etc/man.conf. This might not be the perfectly correct addition but now man java works.

# The whatis/apropos database.
_whatdb /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/man/whatis.db
_whatdb /usr/local/jre-1.7.0/man/whatis.db
_whatdb /usr/local/kaffe/man/whatis.db

# Other sections that represent complete man subdirectories.
jdk17 /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/man/
jre17 /usr/local/jre-1.7.0/man/
kaffe /usr/local/kaffe/man/

For the above, I just added those lines to the specific sections. In the # Specific section/directory combination. area, I changed the default line:

1 /usr/{share,X11R6,local}/man/{cat,man}1

to this one:

1 /usr/{share,X11R6,local}/{man,jdk-1.7.0/man,jre-1.7.0/man,kaffe/man}/{cat,man}1

Then doing man java now works.

Update: I need to install jdk-1.6.0 (jdk-1.5.0 will be installed as dependency) as jdk-1.7.0 don't have the Firefox plugins. After installing jdk-1.6.0 from ports, there's a guide on how to create symlink pointing to firefox's plugins directory. Just follow that and Firefox can operate with java sites. Yeah!

For Thunderbird, I just follow the guide in DavMail's Website and I can now access my company's Exchange using IMAP connection. CalDav also works fine (which is not ok previously using XP) but it seems that I still need to make my LDAP address book working. Will be looking out for that later. Autostarting the davmail also is giving me problem. As for now, I can just start davmail using console with this command:

sudo sh &

Daemon mode using /etc/local.conf or ~/.xinitrc won't work. Tu use Lightning (Thunderbird calendar extension), I need to install it from package. There won't be any available installation for that via mozilla's addon site.

As for the ftp_proxy & http_proxy, I've added this lines in my ~/.profile file:

# Set up proxy
export ftp_proxy=
export http_proxy=

Update: I've done another ports installation (for opera) and proxy works like a charm now!. Later.

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