Friday, November 14, 2014

5.6 AMD64 X200: Using "Browser Back" & "Browser Next" keys in Xombrero.


I was thinking of utilizing the "Browser Back" &"Browser Next" keys (located just above the "Left" & "Right" keys respectively) so that I can switch between previous and next open tabs in Xombrero browser.

So I start xev and after checking I found that the keysym for "Browser Back" is "XF86Back" and "Browser Next" is "XF86Forward". Good. Then I opened up ~/.xombrero.conf and add the keybindings such as:

keybinding = tabnext,XF86Forward
keybinding = tabprevious,XF86Back

Then restart Xombrero. Good times. Later.

Monday, November 03, 2014

5.6 AMD64 X200: Update to 5.6! Package update problem and pkg_check to the rescue.


I updated my X200 lappy to 5.6 today using the trusted upgrade using USB thumbdrive method. Upgrading went smooth until I done upgrading my packages.

Well, "done" isn't the correct word. I exited the pkg_add -u while it was updating my packages and I should've known that it will haunt me sooner or later. I re-run the pkg_add -u without realising that previous update wasn't done correctly. So I paid the price when I saw that GIMP, LibreOffice and GTK+2 can't be updated due to some libraries error. Something like:

Can't install gtk+2-2.24.24 because of libraries
| avahi-client.0.0 not found
| bla bla not found

Oh my. So what do I need to do now? The answer is:


This neat command checks the packages, dependencies and lots more. It's kind of interactive, so it will ask if problematic packages needs to be repaired or not, or like what I choose, [a]utomatic answer. Then it will do its job. And it does it well.

After it's done, I re-run pkg_add -u and all is ok. All updated correctly. Wallah!

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