Wednesday, August 19, 2015

-SNAPSHOT amd64 X200: Drupal 7 module installation error.


So far I'm still learning about Drupal. I have a project in mind using this. So I wanted to install a module into this Drupal-o-mine.

First, I need to enable FTPd. I edited /etc/rc.conf.local file and add this:


Then I start the daemon by using:

# sudo /etc/rc.d/ftpd start

I open Drupal's page using web browser. In Drupal's Home page, I click on "Modules" link on the top bar and then click on "+ Install new module" link on the Module's page. I've already downloaded the module's tar.gz file so choose that file and then click "Install".

The "Update Manager" page appears. The "Connection method" only have "FTP" so nothing to change there. The "User" is my login's user name. Then the password is my login pass. I leave the "ADVANCE SETTINGS" as it is then click on "Continue" button.

Error message

Installation failed! See the log below for more information.


  • Error installing / updating
  • File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot create directory /htdocs/drupal7/sites/all/modules

Next steps

This is the error I received. Yeah I know it's permission issue (and might even be the current Drupal's bug) and I tried everything below without success:

-Change "htdocs/drupal7/sites/all/modules" owner and permission.
-Change the tar.gz file permission.

I will search for answer and if this is the current Drupal's bug (, I might try manual module installation. Later

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