Thursday, March 01, 2012

5.1 amd64 K43U: Current status.


Current status of running OpenBSD -current on Asus K43U.

- xf86-video-ati is at 6.14.3. Display is at 1366x768. But unfortunately xvinfo and glxinfo gave disappointing result so no hardware rendering yet.
- Video using software rendering (see above).
- Fn+f1 (Sleep) function seems to be working.
- Fn+f7 (Turn LCD Off) function is working.
- acpiasus not working for this machine yet.
- Speaker automatically mute when headphone jack is inserted.
- The bloody Firefox 9 cannot use $http_proxy env anymore. I tried Lynx using proxy and it's fine. Bloody mess. I'm searching for solution on this.
- Conky have problem with cpu detection.
- xstatbar is the way to go. Nice graph for both CPU cores.
- Sometime speaker not working, only shutdown then boot will fix it.
- Built-in Multi-Card reader sometime detected and sometime not. No SDCard to test so can't say for sure.

This will be updated when necessary. Later.

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