Friday, July 15, 2016

-c X200 amd64: Odoo 9, node.js npm "Abort Trap" error.


Updated my OBSD today and git-pulled my Odoo 9 too. So I noticed 2 things, #1, kern.usermount's setting denied. #2, pledge() enforced on node (node.js). So my Odoo's Homepage is now messed up and informing a "Could not execute commend 'lessc'" info on the top part of the Homepage. This messed the Homepage only as other page (Discuss, Calendar etc) pages are ok. When I tried running npm, I get an error.

$ npm
Abort trap (core dumped)

Also dmesg is showing W^X violation.

node(12345): mmap W^X violation

So I'm unable to update less and so on. The truth is that I'm very new to the pledge(2) thingy and I need to find informations regarding this. If you have any info, do share with me. Later.

Bah! The info regarding this was already posted looooong ago. Ouch. Sorry for this.

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