Monday, January 22, 2007

BSD Guides: Doing Stuff With FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD & Mac OS X

Hah! It's been a very long rest fer me here aye? Heck, am still waitin fer a new machine to build my FreeBSD again. Kinda missed all the actions. Fer sure I missed writin stuff in here. Well, if I'm lucky, my next FreeBSD jots will be just as soon as I'm hopin it'll be. Which is, anytime soon. Well, it'll might as well be another lie but heck I'm tryin.

I couldn't really recall fer sure if I've posted this site in here. Feels like I never did. Lucky me I found this site while I was doin my habit, readin about BSD stuff. This site is a place fer contributors to post howtos, tips and so on about all the *BSD flavor.

So if you're using any *BSD and have any howtos or tips you like to share, feel free to post it to the site. Me? Nah I'm too newbie to write to em. Would love to when my skills are much much better then this current state. Later.

p/s: I missed usin screen, Beastie and such. Bah! I need a new machine!

6.5 amd64: Modify existing certbot certificates.

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