Monday, December 27, 2004

Honey, I shrunked my FreeBSD!

Well yeah, too much files and too little space. So now my FreeBSD slice has been reduced to a mere 10Gb and the excess 10Gb (nearly) was formatted with FAT32 and made as a backup partition to store all my files. I choose FAT32 because FreeBSD can read AND write the partition using that filesystem.

Later I'll have to do another 5.3 installation. Again. Well I need to practice too!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Quran Project & ITL is an open source project fer software version of the Holy Quran. Although geared towards Linux still it can be installed in *BSD system. The development is still in progress so if you're interested in the software (runnin it or contributin to it), do keep an eye on it.

ITL (The Islamic Tools and Libraries) is stated as "a project to provide a plethora of useful Islamic tools and applications as well as a comprehensive feature-full Islam-centric library. The ITL project currently includes Hijri date, Muslim prayer times, and Qibla.". I've seen the screenshot of KPrayertime which is a KDE applet fer viewin the day's time fer solat (prayer). Do follow up if you're interested. Later.

6.5 amd64: Modify existing certbot certificates.

Hi, It's been quite some time eh. As you can see, I still upgrade my OpenBSD system regularly but currently I do not have the time to ...