Thursday, April 25, 2013

5.2 amd64 X200: Current experiences and dmesg.

Here's the dmesg for my (not so) new Lenovo Thinkpad X200. So far this is the current status:

- Thinkpad buttons working great like increase/decrease sound, mute/unmute sound, increase/decrease LCD brightness etc.
- intel GM45 display is working out of the box. Crisp 1280x800 automatically. Played some HD (720p) and (1080p) movies via mplayer and no stuttering unlike my K43U's radeon.
- LAN is working fine.
- Wireless LAN needs additional downloadable firmware iwn. Not tested yet but seems to be working.
- Trackpad is working, no touchpad in this model. Managed to get the scrolling function using Trackpad working using xorg.conf (Will upload this file later).
- Ultrabase docking is detected and working via acpidock. Eject button & function is working fine.
- Using apmd_flags="-A" is working great. Enhanced Speedstep working fine.
- SDCard Reader is working fine. Opened up my Lumix DMC GH-1 sdcard and can mount properly.

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