Friday, November 14, 2014

5.6 AMD64 X200: Using "Browser Back" & "Browser Next" keys in Xombrero.


I was thinking of utilizing the "Browser Back" &"Browser Next" keys (located just above the "Left" & "Right" keys respectively) so that I can switch between previous and next open tabs in Xombrero browser.

So I start xev and after checking I found that the keysym for "Browser Back" is "XF86Back" and "Browser Next" is "XF86Forward". Good. Then I opened up ~/.xombrero.conf and add the keybindings such as:

keybinding = tabnext,XF86Forward
keybinding = tabprevious,XF86Back

Then restart Xombrero. Good times. Later.


Justin Sullivan said...

Hey Karl, great blog! I am considering putting Openbsd 5.6 on my x200 and would use it primarily for school purposes. I am not a programmer, but enjoy using a minimalist *nix work environment. Thanks for all of your updates!

Karl said...


By all mean go ahead! I'm positive that you will enjoy it. CWM is great and TMUX too.