Thursday, December 31, 2009

OpenBSD NC4200: Firefox 3.5, mp3blaster, using proxy @ office, xscreensaver installed.


Today I brought my machine to the office, just want to test out the internet connection using proxy. I tried setting up the http_proxy but can't get the connection to work. Tried lynx and pkg_add without any success. I set the proxy server using:

# export http_proxy=http://my.proxy.server:8080/

DHCP is up, my bge0 LAN is working but still can't connect to OpenBSD for surfing or adding packages. Currently I saw people asking the same question so I'm going to search for some answer here.

On the other hand, I installed Firefox and using the Firefox's own connection setting, I can set the same proxy and my Firefox can browse the internet! Yeah! It took me a while to find the way to start Firefox and the program name is firefox35. So in wmii, just hit [MODKey]+[P], find "firefox35" and press [enter].

I've installed mp3blaster and boy I really missed it! Nearly everything is working fine except for decreasing/increasing the volume level. Ughh. Will play with that later as I just installed it a few mins ago. And wow the sound of this laptop is quite loud fer a single speaker! To run mp3blaster, just open a terminal and type "mp3laster".

Oh, I also installed xscreensaver. Been quite a long time since I play with this bugger. I insert "xscreensaver &" (without ") in my .xsession just above "wmii". My .xsession looks like this:

xscreensaver &

And it's working great! Oh not to mention I need to set the screensaver using "xscreensaver-demo" program.

So far, it's been a blast. The internet if fast (yeah well corporate network..). Later!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

OpenBSD NC4200: Reinstalled 4.6 with new disk layout.


I done reinstallation for 4.6. Actually it's my 2nd installation for today. Hopefully it's the last. Made a mistake in previous installation for not creating a home partition. The root partition got filled up very quickly as it's not big. And not to mentioned I gave usr everything else on the disk. So now my choice for the new partition is:

/ = 1G
swap = 1G
/var = 7G
/usr = 13G
/tmp = 4G
/home = the rest

Previously I installed mrxvt term to replace the default xterm. The transparency support is great as I've put a wallpaper using feh and my now my wmii looks awesome!

Now I'll be using the OpenBSD machine for PostgreSQL, some interaction fictions, maybe PHP. Really missed those things. Maybe I'll post a screenshot later. If I'm not lazy.

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