Thursday, August 25, 2011

OpenBSD NC4200: tmux + vim + xterm 256 color. Solved

Hurrah! I've found the answer. My scrotwm open up xterm with tmux instead of plain xterm. Just now I used:

program[term] = xterm -e tmux

To open new term with tmux. That's what causing the 256 color issue. Seems like opening tmux like that made the xterm not setting the correct $TERM. That's why if I open an xterm, then open tmux, the 256 color will look as it's intended. So I changed that to xterm -tn xterm-256color -e tmux so that the xterm will open with 256 color $TERM correctly. And it works! Here's my ~/.scrotwm.conf for your pleasure. Feel free to use it.

Do note that I don't use spawn_term = xterm anymore. Initially I changed that to open tmux automatically, but defining other than "xterm" value just don't work. Hitting MOD+Return just didn't open any xterm at all. So that's why I had to use program[xterm] instead. As long as it works.

And here's my whole ~/.profile. Do take note on the upper part of the file especially on the xterm & tmux bit.

As usual, use it if you want to. Later.

OpenBSD NC4200: tmux + vim + xterm 256 color.

Sorry I have to delete my previous post. Surely that was a bit hurried. I should've tested more on the 256 color issue with tmux + vim. Ok, first of all, let's rewind back a bit for the history.

This is the scenario.

My vim's 256 color theme just got the wrong color in tmux than in regular xterm. I have set up MOD+Return in scrotwm to open up tmux inside xterm. When I use that, there's color but my wombat256 theme for vim is very different. If I open xterm, then open tmux, the theme will look as it should be. So I know this have something to do with $TERM env, and I'm searching the man for answer. I will post my ~/.profile with relevant files after I can make vim 256 color work correctly. Later then.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

OpenBSD NC4200: scrotwm 0.9.34, no more crash.


I wrote previously regarding a bug which core-dumping my scrotwm session (yeah they have a new site for scrotwm). I'm still on 4.8, being lazy to upgrade to 4.9 up till now, so I was left with the only option which is to compile scrotwm's latest version.

So I downloaded 0.9.34 version which is the latest. I put it *.tgz file to a temporary folder. Fingers crossed, this is the steps.

Create /usr/xenocara/ folder.
# mkdir /usr/xenocara
# tar xvzf scrotwm-0.9.34.tgz
# cd scrotwm-0.9.34
# make obj
# make depend
# make
# make install

That's all. If you don't create the xenocara folder, you'll get stuck in "make obj" command. So far there's no crashing when I'm using Thunderbird. Very nice! I didn't test CUPS yet will tell you later. Have fun and oh, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!

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