Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: scrotwm + xstatbar & I think I found a bug.

xstatbar is a status bar which can be use in scrotwm to display cpu usage graph, memory usage, battery/AC status, Master Volume and date/time. Informations which is displayed is currently fixed and hacking the source code is the only way to customize the display. I downloaded and installed xstatbar. Then I edited ~/.xsession.

*unrelated bits ignored*
xstatbar -y 753 -w 1024 &
exec scrotwm
*unrelated bits ignored*

It's basically telling xstatbar to appear from pixel 753 with the width of 1024 pixel. My laptop's resolution is 1024x764 so it's the best pick. Displaying xstatbar will take the height of 15 pixel so do the math. Then I edited ~/.scrotwm.

*unrelated bits ignored*
# Region setting for xstatbar use.
region = screen[1]:1024x753+0+0

*unrelated bits ignored*

This one basically tells scrotwm to use only 1024x753 for the window manager and 15pixel is reserved for xstatbar's use. Then after I log in, xstatbar happily resides on the bottom area. Both scrotwm and xstatbar is still under development so there's more features will be added in the future.

A few days using scrotwm, I managed to get scrotwm to crash when using Mozille Thunderbird. It's quite random but replication is possible. In scrotwm, I opened Thunderbird in workspace 3 (my fav workspace for Thunderbird). The main Thunderbird program will be there but I always move email composing dialog in workspace 4. In workspace 3, I will click Write button and the compose dialog will be in workspace 4. Switching to workspace 4 and I will write the recipient's email address. Auto complete's dialog will be displayed and that's when scrotwm will crash, dumping core and returning me to xdm. But like I've stated, it's quite random with most of the time I'm being lucky. Maybe there's something else which made this happened but I'm very sure it has something to do with Thunderbird as I didn't see that when using other program. I've registered with FlySpray but I'm not sure whether to file a bug report yet. Later.

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