Thursday, December 09, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: mcabber, console jabber client connect to Google Talk thru proxy.

mcabber is yet another console jabber client. There's a few more console messaging program but I'll get my hands dirty on this one first. I downloaded and installed the mcabber-0.10.0.tgz package.

I edited ~/.mcabber/mcabberrc. This is what I changed:

set jid =
set server =
set port = 443
set ssl = 1
set proxy_host = ""
set proxy_port = 8080

I left all the other options untouched. Then I run mcabber by issuing, uhm, mcabber in xterm. Then mcabber asked for my gmail password and voila!, I'm connected to GTalk. I can see my Google Talk friends listed but haven't had the chance to try and chat with any of them. Anyway I kept getting "feature not implemented" notification but unless I do some chatting, I don't quite sure what's the missing "feature". Maybe I'll update this part later.

Just a note, using the same setting, I can now login to GTalk using pidgin messenger. As pidgin is too much for wmii, I rather stick with mcabber. If you have other (preferably better) console jabber messenger program which can use proxy, do tell me. I'm interested to try out others.

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