Sunday, April 08, 2007

Links: Funny quotes about software licences.

Still no new thing about my G770i. Been a while since I last booted the 6.2-R. But hey, I was readin GPL Code Found In OpenBSD Wireless Driver (heck it's SlashDot..) when I stumbled on to this funny quotes about the difference between GPL, BSD and closed-sourced software license:

GPL: I buy everyone a round because the license of the bar says that everyone else will also buy a round when it is their turn.

BSD: I buy everyone a round because hell, I am just a nice guy and I want everyone to have a beer even if that means I will end up paying for all the beer being drunk.

Closed source company: Hell, I like you BSD, keep them coming.Eh, my round? I left my wallet at home, say BSD, how about a napeleon brandy mate?

BSD: Sure, we are all mates.

GPL: You are an idiot BSD. But hey, make mine a double.

Get it?

Here's the BSD group's commentary of the issue.

LoL. Somewhat true in my point. GPL is kind of forcing the free codes to remain free whereas BSD lets the codes to be free of any restriction. Well don't take it all from me. Heck I still don't understand the 'excitement' of flamewars. Just enjoy whatever OS you're using. And still, I LOVE BSD! Later

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