Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5.7 amd64 X200: New experiences


This is what I noticed when I upgraded my X200 to 5.7. Take note that I don't have a lot of packages installed so my experience here is minimum.

mode-mouse no longer works. Documentation is saying that setting mouse on is enough now. Tried that but currently mouse not working as expected.
UPDATE: Previously when you scroll the mouse wheel, tmux will automatically scroll. Now you need to press ^B+[ (Ctrl+B [) then you can use the mouse wheel to scroll.

Now the datasize-cur has been upped in the default installation to 1536M. Great. Firefox and other memory hogging package rarely crash now.

There's issue with /usr/local/lib/libestdc++.so.16.0 WARNING. Sometime Xombrero would crash and then starting the program will also coredump. After a few tries then Xombrero will run again.

There are others which I can't recall right now as I'm now on -CURRENT and using port to install Libreoffice. More on this later.

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