Friday, February 11, 2011

OpenBSD NC4200: Editing .mkv file's subtitles. A fun project.

Well, this is basically a fun project. I have collections of anime and I was thinking about making Malay subtitle for some of it. Just for fun. I found that it's totally possible with OpenBSD. Here's the packages that I need:


mkvtoolnix have few programs that can manipulate .mkv files. I can extract subtitles from a .mkv file for editing purpose. Then there's program to merge the subtitle inside the .mkv file. There's also GUI for it which is named mmg.

subtitleeditor is a great subtitle editing program for .ass subtitles. It also has video preview panel in it. I had problem with subtitleeditor when it stated that I have missing H.264 decoder and I solved it by installing gstreamer-ffmpeg package. There's also error stating about missing audio decoder but I forgot the package I installed to solve it because I also installed gstreamer-plugins-bad-0.10.19p0 and gstreamer-plugins-ugly-0.10.15p0 also not forgetting x264-20100511. I use Subtitle Workshop in XP but subtitleeditor works great in OpenBSD and better at editing .ass subtitles.

wordnet is a thesaurus program. It's not required but I would like to check meaning of words so I can translate the existing subtitles better. As always, man is the best friend. Later then.

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