Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Farewell NC4200, hi Asus K43U. OpenBSD 4.9 AMD64 here I come!


I just bought myself a new laptop. It's as Asus K43U Series laptop with AMD Vision E450 processor. I have to admit I'm an AMD fan so that's why I don't buy intel (my NC4200 was given to me, didn't bought it).

And so, I'm saying goodbye to my NC4200. It was a pleasure working with it. I'll put out a brief review of this Asus machine later.

Another good news, I'll proceed with OpenBSD 4.9 AMD64 version next! Yeah! I've been dreaming to try out AMD64 version of OpenBSD so this is the best time for it. Not forgetting to *finally* proceed to install 4.9. So expect me to write something about that soon enough. I've already prepared the installation media for 4.9 so it won't be long now. Later then.

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