Saturday, May 04, 2013

5.3 amd64 X200: Update to 5.3 but biosboot have problem! Ahhh!


I updated my X200 to 5.3 last night, using the bsd.rd upgrade method. The usual stuff.

But when I reboot my X200, it's stuck at:


That's all. Tried downloading the bsd, bsd.rd and file and do the upgrade process again, still with the same issue. Tried repairing the installboot

# cp /usr/mdec/boot /boot
# /usr/mdec/installboot -n -v /boot /usr/mdec/biosboot sd0

But then still I just can see the Loading... screen. Ahhh! Currently I'm logging in to my X200 using my old 5.0 install cd.

To do that, just boot the laptop using CD, when I see the boot> title:

boot> boot hd0a:/bsd

So basically the upgrade is ok, but the /boot have issue. Ahhh!

[Update 04/05/2013]

I wrote to misc@ and thanks to Dawe who replied, I managed to solve the issue.

By looking at the changelist, there's many changes in 5.3. Including biosboot(8) and installboot(8). But I didn't quite see the exact connection with the problem I had. So Dawe pointed me to the same problem faced by him, and solved via creating a new openbsd.pbr so Win7's bootloader can boot OpenBSD properly.

I tested that, and so, it does work as advertised. So, problem solved.

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