Saturday, July 12, 2014

5.5 amd64 X200: Firefox always crashing? Then try raising datasize.


My Firefox crashed sometime. Been like this since forever I think. Didn't bother to look at it until a few days ago when I think "hey I commonly sees this crashing but why other didn't flame the net about it?". So I went out to search for answers.

Then I found that this is not application or OpenBSD issue, but rather limited default setting. Firefox is quite a resource hog and by default, the datasize limit is set for 512Mb, which is by Firefox, quite low.

So I edited /etc/login.conf and find the default setting like below:


and changed the value to:


As I have about 4Gb of ram, this setting should be ok. So far this setting is ok and Firefox haven't crashed yet. Later.


- man login.conf

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