Thursday, January 14, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Updating ports to -stable. Finally!

I'm currently updating my ports collection to OpenBSD's 4.6-stable. So far it's going ok. Not finished yet. Hopefully I'll get to install the latest version of calcurse so I can finally use the notification feature.

First cd to /usr/ports/. Then I su to gain superuser access. Then after choosing the anoncvs server to use, I issued the command:

# cvs -q -d anoncvs@some.anon.server:/cvs up -r OPENBSD_4_6 -Pd

So far it's updating a few folders and I didn't see the calcurse port is being updated. Uhh. I saw the 2.7 version is already in OpenBSD's port from but I'm not sure if it's in -stable or -current. Need to check with that later.

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