Saturday, November 28, 2009

OpenBSD with HP NC4200

Yeah it's been long. I've given the NC4000 to my wife and now I have another laptop. It's a NC4200. OpenBSD 4.6 is out and I've installed the release to NC4200. Currently I have this notification after it installed and running:

acpitz3: TZ4_: failed to read _TMP
acpitz3: TZ4_: failed to read temp

I'm currently searching for some clues and so far I know that this is related to temperature sensor. There's a person who have the same issue and he's using HP's laptop too. I have to dig deeper. Other than that, 4.6 is running great! X is installed and working. Now to get the wmii installed.

I never managed to set up the networking last time I installed OpenBSD in NC4000. So now I'll try and set it up to my Wimax connection. Unfortunately I don't have WiFi at home so that will be a distant experiment.

I'm still wishing that I get a Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 for my OpenBSD laptop. Yummm..

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