Thursday, December 31, 2009

OpenBSD NC4200: Firefox 3.5, mp3blaster, using proxy @ office, xscreensaver installed.


Today I brought my machine to the office, just want to test out the internet connection using proxy. I tried setting up the http_proxy but can't get the connection to work. Tried lynx and pkg_add without any success. I set the proxy server using:

# export http_proxy=http://my.proxy.server:8080/

DHCP is up, my bge0 LAN is working but still can't connect to OpenBSD for surfing or adding packages. Currently I saw people asking the same question so I'm going to search for some answer here.

On the other hand, I installed Firefox and using the Firefox's own connection setting, I can set the same proxy and my Firefox can browse the internet! Yeah! It took me a while to find the way to start Firefox and the program name is firefox35. So in wmii, just hit [MODKey]+[P], find "firefox35" and press [enter].

I've installed mp3blaster and boy I really missed it! Nearly everything is working fine except for decreasing/increasing the volume level. Ughh. Will play with that later as I just installed it a few mins ago. And wow the sound of this laptop is quite loud fer a single speaker! To run mp3blaster, just open a terminal and type "mp3laster".

Oh, I also installed xscreensaver. Been quite a long time since I play with this bugger. I insert "xscreensaver &" (without ") in my .xsession just above "wmii". My .xsession looks like this:

xscreensaver &

And it's working great! Oh not to mention I need to set the screensaver using "xscreensaver-demo" program.

So far, it's been a blast. The internet if fast (yeah well corporate network..). Later!

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