Monday, November 04, 2013

5.4 amd64 X200: Error in dmesg.


Today I received error in the dmesg. My OpenBSD can boot fine though.

render error detected, EIR: 0x00000010
  IPEIR: 0x00000000
  IPEHR: 0x00000000
  INSTDONE_0: 0xfffffffe
  INSTDONE_1: 0xffffffff
  INSTDONE_2: 0x00000000
  INSTDONE_3: 0x00000000
  INSTPS: 0x00000000
  ACTHD: 0x00000000
page table error
  PGTBL_ER: 0x00000003
error: [drm:pid0:i915_report_and_clear_eir] *ERROR* EIR stuck: 0x00000010, masking

drm issue? Not sure. I'll be doing another reboot to check. Weird as there's no error after upgrading. Tried xscreensaver, ok. Tried mplayer playing Full HD (1080) mkv file, wow it was great! So ok. Except for it hangs when I tried to skip forward while playing the movie. Tried mplayer SD clips, ok.

Will try some testing or else will do another installation to test out.

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