Monday, November 04, 2013

5.4 amd64 X200: Now on 5.4! VIM-python not updated.


I've just upgraded my X200 to 5.4. On first reboot, I noticed the framebuffer console. Wow. Nice. Finally we have this.

I've updated all my installed packages except for VIM. Something is wrong with the update. I installed my VIM via ports last time because I need the python flavor. Starting VIM also give error.

After the failed attempt to update via pkg_add, so I uninstalled it and tried to install it via ports. Also failed becuase of library bad major issue. Ouch.

Then I remembered that I haven't updated by port tree yet. Sheesh.

# cd /usr/ports
# cvs -d update -Pd -rOPENBSD_5_4

Let em updated. And then install the VIM back.

# cd /usr/ports/editor/vim
# env FLAVOR="gtk2 python" make install clean

Wallah! Now it's nice and dandy.

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