Friday, July 25, 2008

OpenBSD RDX200: Trying to get the dmesg. Next, change to i386?

Ok. After searching fer answers, jggimi from suggested that I should use the i386 version of OpenBSD instead of AMD64 which I've installed.

I was also told that the i386 CD have support fer mounting msdos file system which the AMD64 version didn't have. So now I'm getting the i386's iso. I'll get the dmesg 1st, post it to misc@ first to see if there's any workaround and if there's none, I guess I'll have to settle with an i386 version of OpenBSD fer now. If that is so, it sure is not my lucky day. Hopefully there's something I can do to get this AMD64 version to work. Later on this soon.

Fer FAQ about sending dmesg, please refer to OpenBSD FAQ 4.9. Fer FAQ about getting dmesg to report installation problems, please go to OpenBSD FAQ 4.15 (Take note that the mount -t msdos.. command is referring to i386 CD. I tried it with my AMD64 cd without success.)

p/s: If you didn't know, is community-based forum geared towards *BSD user mainly (Although there's even section fer Mac OS X, Linux and even Windows). Many of the users are from the, the legendary forum which is sadly now severely spam infested. Do visit and heck become a member!

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