Monday, May 16, 2005

Firefox + XMMS installed, IPFilter rules changed & Fluxbox menu.

After a few tries, I gave up on installin Mozilla Firefox via ports. I used sysinstall to install it. There's quite a few of dependencies issue like unzip551 which printed "File Not Found, No Access" error when I type make. Usin sysinstall on the other hand got no problem whatsoever. Now I'm install XMMS, the multimedia player fer X which resemble WinAmp.

The IPFilter blockin ftp issue has been solved. I edit the /etc/ipf.rules file and edit/add:

pass out quick on tun0 proto tcp/udp from any to any port = 20 flags S keep state

fer outbound connection and edit/add:

pass in quick on tun0 proto tcp/udp from any to any port = 21 flags S keep state

fer inbound connection. Like before, my IPFilter ruleset might not be the safest/the best so it's best fer you to google fer the better ruleset. When I'm done editin the /etc/ipf.rules file, I issued:

vampire# ipf -F a

to flush the cached rules and reload the edited rules.

The XMMS is installed now. I use ports and it's AOK. I'm gonna try runnin it in X to see if it's really ok. Got no menu fer Firefox in my FluxBox though so I better check out fer it. Next stop: Gaim multiprotocol messenger fer X. Later then.

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