Wednesday, January 06, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Current experience status.

I have to make do with the version 2.5 of Alpine email software. My port system also have the same version, but I read somewhere that OpenBSD have stable version of the port system which includes version 2.7 (latest) of Alpine. As I'm still having problem with the darn proxy connection, I can't do anything with that. So that's my goal fer now, solving the proxy connection issue.

A few things I noticed about running OpenBSD with this Compaq NC4200 laptop:

The quicklaunch button:
- Mute button is working fine, I tried it with mp3blaster and it mutes/unmute the sound perfectly. But there's no light indicating it.
- Increase/Decrease volume button is not working.
- mp3blaster uses the "<" & ">" keys to decrease / increase the sound volume respectively. Somehow the ">" key works fine, but to decrease the sound, I have to press the quicklaunch's decrease volume key THEN the "<" key to decrease the sound volume 1 step. If let say, I want to decrease the volume from 100% to 60%, I need to press the quicklaunch key then the "<" key and repeat that until the volume goes down to 60% or something. Will find out about it later.

WiFi On/Off button:
- Works fine. It can turn on/off my iwi0 device just fine albeit without a functional indicator light. I read somewhere that the button will also turn the Bluetooth module on, but didn't check on that yet.

- I have problem when using shutdown -hp. Most of the time, the shutdown sequence will stuck at "Synchronizing disk ...." and I have to hit the shutdown key sequence or press the power button. If I use shutdown -r or just shutdown -h, it works just fine. The "power down" option for shutdown sometime will work but most of the time will have problem. I'll find an answer later.

- Find a way to solve the proxy connection issue. Many of my current problem can be solved if my machine (not just Firefox) can properly connect to the internet through proxy.

Later then.

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