Saturday, January 23, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: from SendMail to OpenSMTPD, from GNU/screen to tmux.

Heyya, while seaching for any OpenBSD related goodies, I found a few interesting things. First of all is tmux, a terminal multiplexer a-la GNU/Screen. I used screen a lot if I'm not in wmii and tmux is a BSD-licensed equivalent. Hurrah! In OpenBSD 4.6, tmux is already in default installation so no need to get a package for it. man tmux if you're interested. As fer me, it's time to say goodbye to screen ;).

Then it's the OpenSMTPD. From the official website:

"OpenSMTPD is a FREE implementation of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

The OpenSMTPD project was started as a separate project after a developer suffered from eyes bleeding while trying to slightly alter sendmail configuration. It was imported in the OpenBSD tree in November 2008 to help speed up development."

In OpenBSD 4.6, OpenSMTPD is readily available but not enabled by default. 4.6 still uses Sendmail. I tried finding the way to enabled it using 4.6 man smtpd but there's no installation details. However, using man smtpd (OpenBSD -current, more details than in my default 4.6 manual) is much better. Also, you can read here that OpenSMTPD is still heavily in development. For a personal machine like my laptop, OpenSMTPD will have no issue. I've already enabled the OpenSMTPD using the online manual and so far, it's ok. Haven't tested it yet. Soon OpenSMTPD will replace Sendmail in the base OpenBSD system.

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