Tuesday, January 05, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: Searching for ncurse calendar program.

I installed VLC media player just now. Installation went ok though there's quite a lot of dependencies I had to tackle. Luckily I retrieve the file using my OpenBSD machine so no more transferring packages using 2 machines. Oh well still have issue with my proxy connection, so pkg_add can't be run directly. Have to install stuff using a terminal, while using Firefox to download the data.

Currently I'm searching for calendar / reminder program which uses curse, looking at calcurse and wyrd (which uses remind, a calendar / reminder software). Not sure which is the best so I guess I'll try both and see. I love to know what other OpenBSD user out there use to manage their schedule etc.

Update: Oh, I went for calcurse. No dependencies, small, so it's great. Now to play with it. Later!

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