Thursday, January 07, 2010

OpenBSD NC4200: PostgreSQL & pgAdmin3, GIMP too.

I've installed Gimp graphic manipulation program. There was quite a lot of dependencies but luckily I'm using the same machine to manually download each one of it. After installation, I opened a new wmii workspace and hit [Mod]+[P] to open the program list. Then just type "gimp" then hit "Return". Wallah!, Gimp is running fine. Although I don't think I'll be using it anytime soon, but heck, might as well just install it.

Few days back, I installed PostgreSQL RDBMS. never got the chance to test it until now. As there's no other PostgreSQL user (except postgres) added since the installation, I got problem trying to access the database. As I'm currently lazy, I installed pgAdmin3 using OpenBSD package. Installed all the dependencies needed and down to testing.

I opened a new wmii workspace, eg: press [Mod]+[1-0]. Then on the blank workspace, I hit [Mod]+[P] to open the program list. After that I just type "pgadmin3" and the program starts. After I connect to the database, I create another role with my user id: "karl". I set the password and then I try to log in using the new PostgreSQL ID. So far so good. Why bother with psql when I already have pgAdmin3? Well, it's better if I play with both.

Now to re-learn PostgreSQL. Yum!

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