Monday, March 19, 2007

FreeOSZoo Project, all the "animals" in one place to see and play with.

This post is not *BSD specific. I just found this site through Wikipedia. Ever wanted to try out an OS without downloading / installing hundreds of Mb of files? You can, in the zoo. No I'm not joking. The place you can do that is Yeah it's OS Zoo. Going to the main page of the site, I can't stop smiling seeing many of the known OSes logo and mascot displayed. You name it, Beastie (BSD mascot), Puffy (OpenBSD logo/mascot), Tux (Linux), Darwin (Apple MacOS) and more. Just like a zoo. From the main page:

"FreeOsZoo provides ready-to-run images of QEMU virtual computers, pre-installed with a Free Operating System and a set of popular free software."

Nice. You can also use the Free Live OS Zoo (FLOZ), running or testing an operating system without the need to install the said QEMU. The requirement is:

1024x768 screen resolution (Bah that leaves me out of the list.... Ah well..)
DSL or faster connection
Web browser with Java Plugin or JDK appletviewer

Ok enough from me. Go ahead and try those things out if you're interested. Who knows, you'll find the OS you've been looking fer in there. Later.

p/s: Yeah the topic is kinda cheesy, I've ran out of ideas.. :P

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