Wednesday, March 14, 2007

G770i: kernel rebuilt, xorg.conf still need tweaking.

Kernel rebuilding is done. Found out that commenting (putting '#' in front) / deleting the:

device ural

in the # USB support section of my G770IKERNEL (my kernel configuration file) file makes the error disappear. I guess I deleted a line/device which are required by that device. Now the server is running a new kernel, and without any glitches whatsoever. So all are ok. The console are now in 800x600 VESA mode. Nice. As the options VESA and options SC_PIXEL_MODE is included in the kernel, I just need to add:

allscreens_flags="-g 100x37 VESA_800x600"

in /etc/rc.conf and the next boot will be a pleasure to the eyes.

I've installed mc, Midnight Commander, a Norton Commander clone. Useful file manager if you like FreeBSDing in the console. I have configured the there are a few ways to configure it.

In the console, type:

vampire# xorgcfg

and a fully graphical configurator will appear. You can also use:

vampire# xorgcfg -textmode

fer a ncurse mode of the configurator. Or you can manually change the needed parameters in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. I'm currently having no luck in configuring the monitor's refresh rate. Drats. Tried a few different refresh rate and still the screen isn't filling up the whole monitor in X. Didn't go extreme yet because I'm kinda scared the CRT will burn. Seriously. Somehow I feel that configuring LCDs is easier. Will update on this later. fluxbox is in too. How I missed looking at it. Still looks great. Until I'm finished with tweaking the monitor's refresh rate, my fluxbox will be bare minimum.

I should've written this blog here using my server, but because links and Blogger can't play nicely together, had to wait till I'm done installing firefox which I'm doing right now. Boot splash screen will be the next thing I'm thinking of doing. zsh shell might comes afterward.

I wonder when can I get to the NAS thingy... Later.

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