Tuesday, March 13, 2007

G770i: floppies ok and running sysinstall.

Miraculously, the floppies is ok now. Tried using all the *.flp images a few times and it's really ok. I even downloaded a 5.5-RELEASE images but now no need fer that, the 6.2-R is good to go.

The Boot floppy, Kernel floppy 1, 2 & 3 is all cool and I can boot the kernel now. A new problem appears. Seems like there's a panic after hardware probing. On the boot menu, I tried 1. Boot FreeBSD (default), 2. Boot FreeBSD with ACPI and both failed with a panic. The Safe mode option is ok though. So now I'm in slice to partition the hard disks. I will be using the same slice as my previous installation, you can find it at my homepage under the [FreeBSD & Me] > [FreeBSD 5.2.1 Installation] page.

The disk layout fer this server is a bit different. The layout I'm using now is:

disk 1
/ 128M
swap 130M
/tmp 256M
/usr (rest of the space)

disk 2
swap 130M
/var 256M
/disk2 (rest of the space)

Fer the distribution, using my own guide as a, uhm, guide; I've chosen:

- base
- rescue
- sys
- all

I noticed that 6.2-R have a different distribution now. Wow. Now fer the real deal. The installation. More info later.

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