Thursday, August 12, 2004

zsh and lovin it

Still on console and zsh shell. I found a great .zshrc sample on the net. The file can be use fer sample purpose and I've used some of it to make mine. I also shamelessly peek and copy another .zshrc file found on the net but the latter seems to have problem with PROMPT and RPROMPT. So I used the first file's PROMPT and RPROMPT. Now I changed the shell to zsh and together with screen, console feels great!. Just love the autocomplete, color stuff and all.

Next mission, playin movie with mplayer. Yeah, in console :). I got meself the mplayer-0.92.0_3.tbz package and right now I'm tryin to grab the win32-codecs-2.0.90_1,1.tbz dependency files but I've been tryin fer quite some time now because the file seems to be missin or somethin. Hmm. Error 505: No such directory. Ack.

*Wishin the built-in modem can work in FreeBSD soon....*

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